A New Leaf

Alright, so, a lot has changed in the past few months, as anyone who may have been following the blog (in all of its “no useful posts” glory) may have noticed. First things first, though: this is not going to be an informational post, and is more tailored towards being an update on my life. So, here goes:

In early- to mid-February, I was approached regarding a position as an .NET developer with a local marketing company in good ol’ Brentwood, TN, called 2-COM. I’m going to be perfectly honest, when I was approached about the position, I was sort of hesitant. I told the recruiter that it would take an absolutely perfect opportunity to get me to leave CTS. I wasn’t too certain that anyone could really make the offer that would draw me away, at least at this point in my admittedly short career.

Anyone who knows me in a professional sense can probably tell you that I very much like C#/ASP.NET MVC. I mean, let’s put it like this, I was originally determined to make my blog from the ground up using pure MVC and custom everything. Honestly? I probably could’ve done it. Would it have been a good investment of time? Debatable. Regardless, I’m big on ol’ MVC. And this opportunity was one that would primarily focus on using it. And that’s not to mention other web development technologies that I’ve been dying to use in a real project, such as LESS, Sass, etc. So, that was the first check mark for this new place.

I also fancy myself as somewhat of a startup minded guy. I tested the corporate waters (although CTS really isn’t that corporate, comparatively), and found out that I didn’t particularly care for that world. In my mind, the perfect opportunity had to be with a relatively small company. I was told that 2-COM has around 25 employees, most here in town. So that was big for me, they’re still a small company, although they’re established and have been around for almost 20 years. Second check mark.

Last, but debatably not least, is distance from my apartment. CTS is pretty close: 3.2 miles, to be exact. However, that’s not the whole story. At CTS, I functioned as a consultant, so I would be on-site with clients whenever possible. No bueno. But the recruiter mentioned something interesting to me: at 2-COM, I would be working full-time in-house. And by “in-house,” I mean “2.3 miles from my apartment.” No more driving to the other side of Nashville, I would be working at a place that is essentially walking distance… at least when it’s not second winter. That was a huge plus for the position in question. So huge, in fact, that I would consider it the third check mark.

So, what happened? Well, I had a long and relatively arduous interview process, including a few meals with team members, a couple programming sessions (also, for reference, if you are used to a mechanical keyboard and have a programming interview, you should bring your own keyboard), a few phone follow-ups, etc. And, ultimately, I was offered the position. This threw a wrench into my decision-making process. Prior to my learning all about their company, and meeting all of their people, I had written 2-COM off as another opportunity I would ultimately decline. But now?

Every “their” in the last paragraph changed into an “our.” 2-COM had successfully done the impossible — lured me away from CTS. I accepted the position with 2-COM after a week or so of deliberation. About a week later, on March 26th, I officially turned over a new leaf in my life, as I started at 2-COM. And I’m pumped up about what we’re doing. So, expect big things!

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